Taking A Break.

I feel incredibly shitty knowing that I have to write this post right now, so I promise this will be short and sweet. But, as you can probably tell by the title, I'm going to be taking a (brief) break from blogging.
My exams begin in exactly a week and honestly, I'm so unprepared it makes me sick; I never wanted to have to put blogging on the backburner, but juggling college work, my makeup career, two part time jobs and blogging, it's too much for little old me to handle. So, for the sake of my sanity I've made the decision to take a break until July; my exams finish on June 24th, and I'm hoping I'll start to feel more like myself again after that. 

I love blogging, I love all of my loyal readers, and I want to continue to push myself with this little thing we've started together, but I'm a perfectionist. Everything I put out has to be perfect and I feel like the half-assed content that I'd be creating during this next month just wouldn't cut it, and I'm not prepared to put something into the world that I know I wouldn't be impressed reading.

I hope you all understand, and I'll still be active on twitter (@isabellekategm) and I'll try and participate in some blogger chats now and again, I'll be back before you know it.

Thank you and love you.

Cohorted Beauty Box | May

I'm pretty sure you all get the drill by now when it comes to my monthly subscription box of choice, Cohorted. This month's box is so incredible and I literally jumped for joy when I saw this month's picks. So, without further ado, let's jump straight into it!

Right off the bat I was immediately drawn to the signature Hourglass packaging, and when I saw what product was inside I probably let out a squeal..the Hourglass Lipstick Opaque Rouge in 'Riviera' is the most beautiful dark orange shade for the upcoming summer; I'd seen this raved about by a couple of YouTubers a few years back and I always wanted it, but could never justify it's £23 price tag - now I get to try it, and I can't bloody wait.

The second product to capture my attention was the insanely cute Jimmy Choo EDT Mini, I recognised the packaging straight away and I rushed to give it a sniff. 
'Opening with luminous green top notes full of glittering radiance, the heart of rich and exotic tiger orchid lends a creamy seductiveness to the fragrance.'
In my opinion, baring in mind I'm hopeless at describing scents, this smells very fresh and there is definitely a floral vibe in there, but it does have a spicy undertone; this is such a versatile scent, and I love the fact the mini allows you to trial it!

This month's box included a nude nail option, once again great for the summertime. This particular polish is by a brand called HJ Manicure (shade: Lace) which happens to be a vegan and cruelty free brand - even better! I haven't given this a test yet, but I'll probably include a swatch in a post later on.
And last but not least is TheBalm Bon Voyage Vol.2 Palette. I think palettes are the perfect way to test new colours of eyeshadow that normally you maybe wouldn't gravitate too, this one has a beautiful ocean blue shade and I can't wait to play! 

Would you pick up any of these bits? Have you tried Cohorted?

*Products and items featured on my blog may have been sent through PR for review. Many items I have also paid for myself. All opinions are honest and my own, and are not influenced by brands or companies. for more information see my disclaimer.
Items in this post may not all be cruelty free, however I am not investing my money in them due to receiving these through PR. At the moment I'm still working out my CF guidelines and am still transitioning, please respect that.

The Cruelty Free Makeup Guide

At the end of last month I posted this blog post updating you all on my recent decision to go cruelty free with my makeup, and many of you wanted to see a compiled list of brands that don't test on animals - so here it is! 
Obviously this doesn't cover every makeup brand as the list would be endless, but I thought I would include brands which I personally love and use, most of them are available in the UK but there are some independent/indie brands that I wanted to throw in there too. 

It's been quite an easy transition thus far to be honest with you, I'm using up all of the makeup I already own that isn't cruelty free, but I'll no longer be buying any products that test on animals. After doing a fair bit of research, I was pleasantly surprised to see how many brands are actually cruelty free, I was super happy to see some of my favourites up there. I just hope that more brands realise that animal testing really isn't necessary and change their ways ASAP.

If anybody wants to see a full list of brands that do test on animals I'd be happy to get my head down and get a saveable image made for y'all.

Are any of you cruelty free? How have you found it?

My Top 5 Foundations | High End & Drugstore

Over the past six months I've been sticking to my promise of trying out and experimenting with foundations and I have to admit, I've been loving it! I'm so pleasantly surprised by the number of incredible bases I've discovered, and I've finally whittled it down to my top five foundation picks.


Revlon Colorstay: I think this is the first foundation that I bought and immediately loved from the drugstore; it provides a stunning medium, semi-matte coverage which leaves your skin looking radiant and clear, whilst still allowing for your own skin to show through. Some may like this, some won't, but if you're in the market for a natural, daytime foundation, you may find happiness in this one. 

L'Oreal Infallible 24H Stay Fresh: Similarly to the Colorstay foundation, this is definitely a medium coverage foundation. I feel this is a little higher in the coverage department than the Colorstay though, which makes it perfect for both day and night wear. I think this is actually the palest foundation shade I've found in the drugstore and it suits my skin perfectly. It covers all redness and discolouration, but still lets my freckles peek through which I adore.


Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation: I actually did a full review on this foundation which you can read here if you fancy. With the high price point that accompanies this foundation, I was expecting miracles for the appearance of my skin. I certainly was not disappointed by this; the coverage is medium, but is definitely buildable to get that higher coverage, whilst still feeling lightweight on the skin. What I actually love the most about this though is that your base still looks like skin, no cakeyness here! And not to mention, the packaging is rose gold, dreamy.

Makeup Forever Ultra HD: Full review here. This is definitely on the higher coverage side of the spectrum, and on the higher price range as far as foundations go. BUT, and thats a big but, it's definitely worth it. The formula is super long wearing, a little goes a long way, and the finish is dewy but not oily looking whatsoever. I'm converted.

Kat Von D Lock It: This is the most recent addition to my foundation collection, but that makes it no less brilliant. This foundation is the highest coverage I've found as of yet, and is incredible for photography. I work in front of a camera when I do my makeup looks, and it withstands my soft boxes and ring light and still remains flawless. This is the palest foundation I own too, the shade range really does cater for almost everyone. I use my beauty blender to apply this and it really meshes well into the skin rather than just sitting on top of it - full coverage but definitely not cake face material.

There you have it! As you can tell I don't really look at the lighter coverage products; I'm more of a 'go hard or go home' type of girl when it comes to my base. I either stick to concealer where I need it or go all out, there's really no in between!

Do you own any of these, what're your thoughts?
*Products and items featured on my blog may have been sent through PR for review. Many items I have also paid for myself. All opinions are honest and my own, and are not influenced by brands or companies. for more information see my disclaimer.
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