February Beauty Faves | 2016


February for me has been the first month in a while in which I've actually made some brilliant beauty discoveries. I've been trying out some new skincare and makeup bits, as well as some beauty tools and I couldn't wait until the end of the month to share them with you! And best of all? They're all affordable (Yay!).

So without further ado, lets get into it. This month I finally took the plunge and picked up the La Roshe-Posay Effeclar Duo; since seeing it blow up in the blogging world, I've had my eyes on this for a while, but if I'm being honest I'm pretty shit when it comes to skincare, and really didn't even know what it was! To me, this sits in between a serum and a moisturiser, it feels pretty hydrating on the skin but what really stood out to me is how quickly I saw a change in my skin. I had a few too many McDonalds' this month (we're all guilty of it, don't judge me!) and it really started to show on my face, I'm talking major blemish breakout. I used this and I shit you not, they were gone in the morning - JAW DROPPING.
I also bought the Mario Badescu Rose Water at the beginning of the month to add an extra refreshing step into my skincare routine. I don't necessarily see results, but my skin feels much more hydrated, smooth and fresh after using this. Any skincare experts out there who know the actual benefits of rose water, please let me know - I'm a rubbish blogger. I do think this actually doubles up as a setting spray for makeup though, so I'll be seeing how well that works this month so watch this space.

I've been absolutely loving the Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara through February, my lashes seriously have never looked so good; this works wonders at bringing both volume and length to the lashes, something I always look for in any mascara - the best of both worlds!

Another new love of mine are the new Zoeva Graphic Eyeliner Pencils*, I was lucky enough to get to try these before their release date, but as soon as they're available I'd get your hands on them! Two shades I've been in love with are 'myth' and 'mute'. Myth is a gorgeous champagne shade which I love to apply to the inner corner of my eye for a pop of highlight; Mute is the most stunning taupe colour, I love applying this to the lash line and blending it upwards with a smudger brush for a subtle smokey look. These pencils glide onto the skin for a dream and blend even better, the six new shades are so unique and extremely pretty.

The final makeup item that's found its way into my day to day routine is the Sleek 'Solstice' Highlighting Palette. I've done a full, in depth review here for all the details you need to know; but in a nutshell, this gives your cheekbones one heck of a glow.

And last but certainly not least I've been living for these three brushes from Zoeva and Sigma. The Zoeva 228 and 142 brushes from their Rose Gold Vol.2 collection have been serving me so well this month; the 142 is the perfect brush for buffing out concealer for maximum coverage whilst looking completely natural and still skin-like. The 228 is the most beautiful brush for creating a blown out crease, and it also doubles up as a precise highlighting brush - I'm all for multi-use products and getting the most out of my money, and this does just that.
I must admit I have a ridiculous amount of makeup brushes, however I've never been able to find the perfect brush for my lower lash line; the Sigma E20 short shader brush however has completely filled that hole in my collection. The density and size of this brush makes it perfect for packing on colour to the lower lash line, and also works fantastically at blending colour too. I'm so glad I have this in my life!

And that's it! There were so many products to choose from this month, but these small few seriously stood out and if I remember correctly I think I've actually used these every day since I got them. I'm now just crazy excited to see what March has to offer in the beauty department.

What have your favourites been this month & what products do you recommend?
Love, Isabelle.

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  1. I've finally picked up this mascara and I'm in love! I always layer mascara and I've been using it with a soap & glory one, I love the loreal voluminous carbon black too!! x