15 Blog Post Ideas For The Disorganised Blogger


I'll hold my hands up and admit that I'm not the most organised when it comes to writing and scheduling blog posts. With juggling blogging, college, two jobs and general life shizz, sometimes blogging takes a back seat and I forget to write a post; albeit I hate it when it happens, sometimes I really do just lose track of time and it catches me surprise. So, for those of you who've experienced this, which I'm sure (I hope?) you have, here are a few great post ideas which require a little less preparation:

1. Tips Posts
2. Favourite Bloggers Roundup
3. Your Bucket List
4. How You Edit Your Blog/Instagram Photos
5. Blogs/Instagrams To Follow
6. Monthly Reflection
7. Q&A
8. TAG Posts (There are a TON on google!)
9. Homeware Wishlist
10. Beauty Wishlist
11. Favourite Blogging Apps
12. How You Stay Organised (Oh the irony..)
13. Pinterest Loves Post (see an example here)
14. Favourites Post (see an example here)
15. Blog Post Ideas Post

If you're really struggling for time but want to get a post up there, focus on the writing and you can always use a stock photo for the post. I tend to keep a collection of random photos of my own to use in posts like these, but do whatever suits you and your blog!

Do you struggle with organising posts? How do you work around it?

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