A Quick Mid Year Revisit Of My 2016 Goals


After reading my lovely friend Katy's blog post in which she revisited the goals she set herself at the beginning of the year, I felt rather inspired to do a similar thing, as well as looking back on the past six months. 
The first half of this year has been, for want of a better word, madness. Juggling college, my job's, blogging and exams just meant that everything was super hectic and it all became far too much. Now that exams are over, I feel as if a weight has been lifted and I can finally get on and move on with what I actually want to do, it's a funny feeling being stuck in the middle of college education and a career - adulting is weird.

In terms of exams, in case anybody was wondering, they went well - I think. A level results in the UK are released on August 18th and honestly? I'm bricking it. Albeit I feel I did okay in each of my exams, it's hard to call it and it really can go either way. I'm trying to be productive and keep my mind off it, and so far it's working - hurrah!

Aside from that, though, everything else has been pretty boring and rather tame to be honest..let's revisit my 2016 goals.


Save | I've actually stuck to this one, which isn't surprising to me as I just cannot part with my money half the time (unless it's on makeup, but does that even count? probably...). With a little help from my parents on my birthday, we managed to finally get me the Canon 700D I've been lusting after to start my YouTube journey.

Take care of myself | I'm just gonna be straight with you, this has not been happening. I haven't done much exercise, though I've reluctantly taken part in some personal training sessions with my mum and her trainer, which admittedly do actually make me feel better. I need to start eating healthily and implementing a strict exercise plan into my routine.

YouTube | Last week I sat down and filmed my first two YouTube videos, and albeit it's been a long time coming, my YouTube journey has finally begun. If you fancy, you can subscribe here.

Improve my blog and photography | Obviously you'll have to confirm this for me, but I personally feel that I'm well on the way to achieving this. I invested in the Olympus Pen E-PL7 and it's seriously upped my photography game. I think I've generally improved with my photography styling and general composition, too.

Stop giving a shit | I still give a shit, but I give less of a shit than I did six months ago.

See people more | This is what makes me the most happy, I think I'm really getting on with this. I've got so much closer in my relationships recently and I couldn't be happier.

I was actually dreading revisiting my goals, but after actually doing it I realise I'm not failing as much as I thought I was - yay! 
What were your goals for this year, if any & have you achieved them?

Love, Isabelle.

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