Let's Get Naked.


Over the past couple of months I seem to have accumulated my fair amount of nude lipsticks, and nude shades in general have been my go-to rather than my usual brighter or more unique numbers. So, who's ready to get naked?

Kat Von D's Bow N Arrow | This is the ultimate brown nude if there ever was one, with a tiny hint of a rosy undertone, it really is the most flattering lippy. I've had friends wear this and I can testify that it suits a huge range of skin tones, too. The formula is lightweight yet with an intense lasting power. This certainly has my seal of approval.

MAC Whirl | Probably the only actual lipstick, aside from mocha, that I reach for anymore - liquid lipsticks have surely taken over. This is the perfect mauve and it looks so flattering against my pale skin, though I can imagine it suits deeper skin tones too. Super creamy when applied, albeit it does have a slight tendency to dry/ball up on the lips after long wear, unfortunately.

MAC Mocha | This is a gorgeous terracotta nude which looks beautiful paired with a warm eye look. It's much creamier than whirl, and is super comfortable on the lips.

Anastasia Beverly Hills' Stripped | A true nude. There's no beating around the bush with this, when you imagine the shade 'nude' this is what you get. Great longevity, complimentary on so many skin tones - I love.

Jeffree Star Mannequin | I'm only now realising how similar this is to stripped, it's pretty much a dupe to be honest (which is great after all of this recent controversy involving Jeffree). I think I like this formula a little better, though. It feels much lighter on the lips and it dries to a very comfortable matte.

Jeffree Star Celebrity Skin | Ah yes, my favourite of the naked bunch. The same lightweight formula as before, but this time a beautiful rosy-brown nude. This dries down to the darkest out of my nudes, and it probably receives the most love from me, I'm so glad I managed to get my hands on it.

Since buying the MAC lipsticks, I have gone cruelty free with my products. I am still using up the makeup bits I already owned prior to my transition, and wanted to stay true to my favourites, even if I wouldn't be able to repurchase in the future.
With regards to the Jeffree Star drama; I am extremely saddened by his recent behaviour, as I was a true supporter of his craft and his brand. But, simply, I cannot abide racist, misogynistic and bullying behaviour, and I will no longer be buying from his brand - I will continue to share products I already owned if appropriate, as I want to be completely honest and allow others to make their own decisions.

What nude lipsticks would you recommend?
Love, Isabelle.

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