Hello Again.


Hey guys, it's been a while.

A couple of months back I decided to take some time for myself and take a step back from blogging and social media life in general. It got to the point where blogging became a chore and I felt so uninspired, I wasn't creating content that I was happy with and I was putting myself under so much unnecessary pressure, and for what? 

I honestly didn't know if I would ever return to my blog, which stings a little to admit. But as of late I've truly found myself missing my blog. I miss being creative with photography, I miss writing, heck - I even miss the soul destroying chore of editing my photos. I don't know whether it's the festive season that's making me reminisce over my early blogging days, or whether the prospect of Christmas has just put a spring in my step. Whatever it is, I'm back

I've been thinking about my content and my blog as a whole and I'm definitely overdue a huge rebrand when it comes to my layout. But not only do I want to change my blog visually, but I want to be a little bit more real with my actual content. Let me explain what I mean by that: my favourite blog posts to read are lifestyle posts, ones where people discuss real issues and real life experiences from things like sex to travel! I definitely want to keep posting about beauty products, but I want to talk about my life, I want you to get to know me as a person and I, most importantly, want to share things with you that you can relate to and that hopefully help and enrich you.

Nothing drastic is happening, but I just want this whole schtick to be a little bit more, me.

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