If you wish to work together, you can e'mail me here.

In the world of blogging and social media, PR relations are common and there are often incredible opportunities available to us. I love to work with brands and discover new and exciting products which I can share with my audience, whilst building great relationships with the PR ladies/gents behind the brand.

PR Samples
I am completely open to working with brands and receiving PR samples for review/consideration of review, as long as said samples are consistent with the topics covered on isabellekategm. 

I believe in complete wholehearted honesty and transparency and therefore I will always be one hundred percent honest and true with my opinions, as my priority is my readers.

I will clearly mark posts containing PR samples with a (*).

Sponsorship/Sponsored Posts
If you wish to work with me, contact me here.

Sponsored posts will be marked with (**).

If you have any questions regarding sponsored content or general PR inquiries, you can find me here.